Additional services - Compofloor

Replacing your floor is not an everyday job

At Compofloor we have extensive experience and expertise to fully relieve you of your worries during the floor renovation. Because our floors are prefabricated in our factory, little additional work is required on site. This ensures minimal inconvenience to you and those around you. There is of course much more to a floor renovation, for example you may suffer from mold or pipes may need to be rerouted.

In addition to the Compofloor, we offer additional services in collaboration with our partners. Discover below what else Compofloor can do for you!


Dismantling your old floor yourself is a big job and often produces a lot of waste. At Compofloor we offer you the option to have it done. We remove the old (wooden) floor and provide a waste container in front of the door. Do you also have a top floor that needs to be removed? Feel free to ask about the possibilities.

Underfloor heating

By using underfloor heating you create extra comfort. Underfloor heating is invisible and an economical way to heat your home. We offer a dry and wet construction underfloor heating system.

Fungus control

Wood and moisture in the crawl space are not a good combination. Moisture can cause wood rot in the floor. The rotting process of the wood is caused by fungi such as fungus or brown rot. This can be harmful to your health. To combat the fungus, we have put together two fungus control packages.


Do you still have radiators? Then pipes often run under your floor. When installing the Compofloor, the pipes under your floor must in most cases be relocated. Do you want to install underfloor heating? Many pipes will then have to be capped. We can take care of this work for you via Compofloor. The extent to which the plumber is needed is determined during the site visit, we will then look at what work is required and give you an estimate of the costs.


Electricity can also be complicated in your home. If it is discovered during the site visit that electrical equipment needs to be relocated/adjusted, we can call in one of our partners for this.

Moving in and out

We are not a moving company, but we can assist and unburden you. Do you temporarily need a moving container? Or an extra hand? Then Compofloor can help you with this.