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Permit or duty to report floor renovation

Do you have questions about permits, renovation or Compofloor? We are happy to answer frequently asked questions.


Did you know that for the renovation or renovation of your home, the government sometimes requires you to notify your local municipality or apply for an environmental permit? We see that as a home owner it is quite intimidating to find out whether administrative actions are required to start renovating. With this document we offer some guidance in research into administrative requirements imposed by the government for the renovation of your home. As a specialist in renovation floors, we will mainly focus on replacing an old floor. IIn short, we can conclude that it is usually not necessary to make contact.

Asbestos in the crawl space?

If it is known that asbestos is present in the crawl space, then you have a reporting obligation to your municipality. We may find asbestos during demolition work. In that case we can put you in touch with a reliable contact that will relieve you.

Is the total amount of demolition waste more than 10 m³?

This will not be the case in the case of a floor renovation. If you have planned a major renovation, this may be the case. You can best estimate this yourself. In that case there is only a reporting obligation.

Does the supporting structure of the structure change?

You will be asked if you have checked 'Other changes to existing structures'. What is meant by the supporting structure? Until recently, this was also not completely clear by law. On March 21, 2018, the Council of State ruled on whether replacing a wooden floor with a concrete floor is a change in the supporting structure. The Council of State concluded that the 'supporting structure' is the structure that supports the structure. A floor here is normally not a supporting structure and you have no obligation to report and a permit is not required.

For which work should I contact the municipality?

Here we refer you in the first instance to the Environmental counter. Consult the 'vegunning check' on the website. However, when renovating a floor, the selection menu can cause confusion. Below some clarity regarding the application of the Compofloor® renovation floor.

Is my home a monument?

A small chance, often it is known to the resident whether he / she lives in a monument. Yet clarity is important. Historical buildings, archaeological sites or green, constructed structures can be classified as a monument. These buildings are protected by the national government, province or municipality because of their cultural-historical character. This can bring benefits with regard to a subsidy for renovation, but is also accompanied by imposed requirements from the competent authority. You can perform a simple check on the website of Cultural heritage. If your home is listed, you must contact your municipality to apply for an environmental permit. If you are not listed here, it is possible that your home is still designated as a town or village view, if you have any doubts about this, please contact your municipality.

Do I have to report the renovation to my municipality?

There is often a lack of clarity in this area and this also requires a little preliminary investigation. Fortunately this can be answered from behind your desk, where a visit to the town hall will not be necessary. There are a number of online tools available that will sort out the most work for you. "But I can decide for myself how to renovate my house?" people often respond. Yes, in most cases this is indeed your own choice, in many cases you do not have to perform any actions. In some cases, however, you may have to make a report or apply for an environmental permit. Three factors are important in this regard for floor renovation.First it is important that you determine whether your house is registered as a monument. As a second point it is important that it is known which work will be done during the renovation. In the case of a floor renovation, it must be known whether the bearing structure will be adjusted. This will not be the case if you choose a Compofloor® renovation floor. However, we sometimes see a lack of clarity about the term 'supporting structure', and we will clarify this in this document. As a final point is a common but resolvable challenge: asbestos. Below we will take you point by point to answer the above points.

Do you want more information?

Consult the website for more information about our innovative flooring system. You will also find a knowledge document here that will guide you in the orientation for subsidy schemes. on You will find a lot of information about energy saving and financing options. In particular the overview 'How do you finance home insulation?'provides good tips for calculating the energy saving yield and also has tips for applying floor insulation.You can always contact our sales department for personal advice on your floor renovation.