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Renovation floor for contractors, construction companies, local authorities and housing associations

Compofloor® is an insulated moisture-resistant renovation floor with no substantial load addition. The system is characterized by excellent construction and building physics properties with simple and very fast processing. Project-based thinking is included in the total renovation plan, in collaboration with installers, asbestos and mushroom experts. Residents are central to this.

Construction professionals


Compofloor guarantees a comfortable, airtight floor system that is of great value to the QV10 to test. The resident quickly experiences a reduction in energy bills and a huge increase in living comfort. The Compofloor consists of insulating elements that are completely enclosed by composite, so that the element is and remains maintenance-free. The elements are strong with a maximum load of 275 kg / m2, lightweight and have a very high insulation value from 4.44 m2K / W. Compofloor offers different packages. From supplying and assembling the Compofloor, to the total care package that includes demolition work, fungal remediation, underfloor heating and laminate laying. Depending on what the customer asks, we will compose the package with our permanent circle of subcontractors.


Construction professionals

Project approach

In preparation of a project, an optimal renovation plan is devised with the client, contractor, installers and possibly other experts. Our employees are familiar with construction process and are familiar with techniques such as lean planning, etc. The Compofloor® renovation floor is delivered pre-fabricated at the time you require.


Waste recycling

No waste is created on site during the installation of the new floor. The EPS that remains at the prefab production is collected and recycled.


A home as a material bank

The use of composite will not allow degradation of Compofloor® over time. Together with the fact that the floor can be dismantled by hand, and re-installed elsewhere, Compofloor will fully retain its value.


Zero on the Meter / BENG

Compofloor® provides warmth and space. Excellent insulation is the core of our product, literally! EPC tests show that up to 25% improvement can be seen when only replacing the old wooden floor. The innovative Compofloor® floor system consists of an insulating EPS core. This technology therefore provides an RC value of 4.44 m2K / W based on NEN 1068-12. The ISSO 82.1 and ISSO 75.1 verified quality declaration from Bureau CRG can be downloaded below.


Find the downloads on this page here and discover what Compofloor can mean for building professionals.

ISSO statement

Specification text

Specifications of the Compofloor® renovation floor

Compofloor® developed in collaboration with the Eindhoven University of Technology and IMd Consulting Engineers from Rotterdam. The Compofloor® floor system has been extensively tested by TU Eindhoven. IMD Consulting engineers have calculated the tests based on NEN-EN 1990. Compofloor® renovation floor is summarised with the following specifications:

Working width: 617mm
275 kg / m2 based on NEN-EN 1990.
Operating height OSB finish: 200 mm
Maximum span: 4500 mm for a residential function based on NEN-EN 1990. Note: for larger spans, we recommend using a bottom bar made of Composite.
Total insulation value for the floor: Rc = 4.44m2K / W based on NEN 1068-12.