Compofloor shines in Stedenbouw Magazine - Compofloor

Compofloor shines in Stedenbouw Magazine

Discover why our innovative floor system was chosen

"Construction can no longer avoid prefab" The header above the new edition of Stedenbouw Magazine. We fully agree with this at Compofloor®. Compofloor® therefore shines on pages 150 to 153 of the 751st edition of the magazine.

This time a look behind the scenes at the Muziekbuurt in Heemskerk. The project of client Woon op Maat covers 444 homes and is being carried out by AC Borst Bouw and Van Lith Bouwbedrijf, among others. The old wooden floors from the 50s homes are often affected by wood rot and are replaced by the Compofloor®! Curious as to why these parties have chosen our innovative flooring system? Click on the images to view the pages.

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Read the article on Pages 150 to 153 of 751 edition of Stedenbouw Magazine.