Working safely during the corona virus - Compofloor

Working safely during the corona virus

The national government has drawn up a protocol to be able to work safely during construction work. Compofloor strictly adheres to these rules, which means that renovating your floor can continue without risk.

Protocol Working safely together for the construction and engineering sector comes into effect
News item | 03/27/2020 | 19:20

The government and the construction and engineering sector have adopted the protocol "Working together safely". The protocol is one of the outcomes of the discussions that Minister Knops of BZK and Minister Van Veldhoven for Environment and Housing have with Bouwend Nederland, Techniek Nederland and other parties from the sector to ensure that work does not come to a standstill. The protocol follows the guidelines of RIVM and is supported by unions, trade associations and employers 'and employees' organizations.


Below you will find the documents that we (but also you as a customer) should read before we get started. This allows us to safely carry out your floor renovation! Thinking about the future is the most important thing, so that we can endure this crisis safely and healthily!

'Measures in and around the house'

'Working safely together'

'Measures on the construction site'