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After several years of dreading the replacement of our old wooden floor, we were presented with a video from Compofloor. We were immediately enthusiastic about the method and the only very short period that we would be "in the mess". We live in a fifties house in Zuidlaren and knew that if we ever had to replace our parquet floor, we would also have to replace the old wooden floor. This had subsided, lay in a bowl and was very cold in the winter. Insulation was also not present.

We took on the demolition of the old floor ourselves and a date was agreed on when the new floor would be laid. On July 26, the time had come. The Compofloor technicians were present around eight o'clock. After first looking at the situation, all materials were unloaded and everything was carefully laid out, so that work could be done as efficiently as possible. In the meantime, I explained that the new floor had to be flush with the existing floors and that was measured neatly with a laser.

Most of the work went into fixing the anchors and brackets for the composite beams, on which the insulating elements would be placed. This was finished around noon and after the break the elements were laid, after which everything was neatly finished with OSB plates. The seams were neatly sealed and around half past two the job was done.

Everything neatly executed, finished and cleaned up by two very skilled, fast-working mechanics.

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