Floor renovation Haarlem - Compofloor

Floor renovation Haarlem

We had been looking for a new floor for some time, the convector radiator was leaking and the old floor was in need of replacement.

There was a Compofloor bus in our neighbourhood. After advice from the residents and information on the internet, we requested a quote. The concept really appealed to us, dismantling the floor, installing a new floor and installing underfloor heating within 1 week.

The disassembly team arrived at the agreed time and just after 7 am the saw went into the floor. Within 3 hours the old floor was gone! Now you can start placing the anchors. The fitters did an excellent job.

The next day the elements and wooden floorboards arrived. The installation went smoothly as the elements were already cut to length. At the end of the day there was a sleek wooden floor and finished so that the underfloor heating could be installed.

The 3rd day the engineers came to install the underfloor heating. These were also skilled people and everyone knew his task and so everything went according to plan.

After explaining how the controller works, they left and we now have a nice warm floor.”

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