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Vleetstraat IJmuiden

For a year we had been looking for a solution to insulate our living room floor. Since there is no crawl space and the floor was so close to the sandy soil, this was a big challenge to find something for this.

Until we came across Compofloor, this concept appealed so much and the contact with Compofloor was very friendly and spontaneous that the decision was made quickly.

On the 1st day, the dismantling team arrived very early and immediately got going, despite the fact that there was still chipboard with a screw every 5cm on the planks. In record time the entire floor was out and holes were drilled for the anchors.

Because there was a retaining wall, stepped foundation and a sandy soil at the level of the anchors, this gave some extra challenge. However, this was no problem for the dismantling team. Everything was prepared before noon. The next day the assembly would take place, due to the above challenges, it was decided to adjust the panels on location.

Again at the beginning of the afternoon everything was in place while in the meantime 2 new employees were being trained. All in all, very knowledgeable people who are very friendly, thoughtful and helpful. And also very good communication with the office.

For example, there was talk that some costs would be added due to some extra work, but this was discussed immediately so as not to be surprised afterwards. Also, every question is answered neatly and comprehensively. The floor itself is very rigid and the difference in heat retention is enormous, especially in combination with underfloor heating.

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Vleetstraat, IJmuiden

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