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Schoererskwartier Woerden (Coen Hagedoorn & Groenwest)

In collaboration with Coen Hagedoorn, housing corporation GroenWest is renovating 72 homes in the Schilderskwartier in Woerden.

The houses in these blocks date from the period 1964-1966 and are in need of an upgrade to the present time. This means that in most homes the bathroom, toilet and shower will be renewed, all the glass and the rotating parts will be replaced, the paintwork will be tackled on the outside, but that the sustainability options will also be examined very carefully.

The ambition of GroenWest is to have the entire housing stock energy-neutral by 2050, this will be strengthened to gradually renovate, including in the Schilderskwartier in Woerden. GroenWest attaches great value to sustainable and affordable homes and Coen Hagedoorn is more sustainable in September. 2019 started work.

In this project, the first sustainability step involves replacing the wooden ground floor floor with a high-quality insulated floor, with a guaranteed long service life. A floor made of Compofloor was chosen because of its unique properties, which are completely insensitive to moisture and drafts.

Project leader Harmen van Vilsteren: "By applying a life-resistant airtight floor, with a very high insulation value, we create a very comfortable ground floor for the residents."

The collaboration between Coen Hagedoorn and Compofloor also contributes to the success of this project. Thanks to the integrated approach and the process, the renovation of the floors proceeds more than desired. ”

The coordination of the Mushroom Control also falls under the coordination of Compofloor, so that this process also fits seamlessly.

The accompanying photos give a nice impression of the sustainability work that is taking place in the district.

A result that all partners can be proud of.

Renovation floor
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