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Ever since 2016 with the idea of installing Compofloor and finally being able to realize it in 2020. Chosen for this product because it is beautifully durable and never rotten again, an additional advantage is the high insulation value.

On the day of installation, the technicians were on the doorstep well in advance. The old floor had already been removed and pipework adjusted. After the height determination, drill and fix the anchors, this takes the most time. Then place the beams and adjust them to height and then it is a big blow to lay the panels. Here and there a small adjustment has to be made, but most of them are neatly tailored. After a day of stamping, the subfloor is neatly in place. The next day, the seams are sealed with PUR and the ozb laid with a morning work of almost 60 m2. The Compofloor is now ready for use. We ourselves have placed foil over this with a mop plate for the underfloor heating over which 5 cm of anhydrite is poured. But this is our choice and is not necessary. This requires a drying time of five weeks.

All in all, very happy with how it went and one day after the installation, they were contacted about how it went. TOP.

Now that it is getting colder, it is good to notice that the floor insulates well and that there is no more draft in the house. Remains at the right temperature for a long time without the central heating starting. This was different before.

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PWA Singel Den Helder

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