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Company: Portal & VIOS construction

VIOS construction is putting the finishing touches to the completion of the renovation in Leidse Grevenstraat. Here 101 homes are being renovated inside and out on behalf of the Portaal housing association. Comfortable and energy efficient homes for the tenants. Because after the renovation, the energy label makes a big leap from the average label F to A. By bringing back the historic appearance, the atmosphere and character of these beloved 1930s homes in the city center are preserved.

Compofloor has provided the lower floors of the houses with an optimally insulated and completely airtight renovation floor. Due to the unique structure of the system and the material properties, Compofloor is entirely made of composite, Portaal has opted for a sustainable floor renovation.

Project details

Leidse Grevenstraat

Renovation floor

Grevenstraat and surroundings in Leiden

In Leiden, Portaal is working with VIOS bouw on the renovation of 101 single-family homes and ground floor apartments in the Grevenstraat and surroundings. Here, the houses are renovated from the inside and outside by carrying out maintenance and implementing improvements.

These much-loved 1930s homes in the city center of Leiden no longer meet today's requirements. Residents experience moisture and draft problems and energy consumption is high. The result after the renovation: comfortable, energy-efficient and safe homes for our tenants.

Home for the future

We remove all open combustion appliances and obsolete boilers are replaced. Mechanical ventilation will also be provided, all installations will be modernized and measures will be taken to improve burglary and fire safety.

On the outside of the houses, the facades are being renovated, the window frames and front and rear doors are replaced, all parts are painted and the facades insulated. The historic appearance of the houses is brought back.

This preserves the atmosphere and character of living in the city center.

Energy label improvement

Due to the energy-saving measures that are being taken, the energy label makes a big leap after renovation from a D (downstairs houses) and F (upstairs and single-family houses) to an average of A. Tenants where the family situation and consumption behavior remain unchanged, can therefore save expect the energy costs.

Moving temporarily

This renovation is being carried out in an uninhabited state. This means that residents have to temporarily leave their home. They take their belongings and furniture with them. Exchange houses have been used where the residents temporarily live. These homes are as close as possible to the current homes.


Compofloor delivers the floor renovation in collaboration with VIOS bouw. The last homes are expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2020.

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