Heemskerk (AC Borst & van Lith) - Compofloor

Heemskerk (AC Borst & van Lith)

The 444 rental homes of housing corporation WOONopMAAT in the Muziekbuurt in Heemskerk were due for maintenance and technical condition. During a major major maintenance approach, the thermal insulation was brought to new-build level.

The houses have also been tackled on the inside, which has extended the lifespan by 50 years. The old wooden floors in the houses have already been largely replaced by a Compofloor.

A Compofloor was deliberately chosen for this project. The high insulation value, very high quality and finish level have been decisive. The collaboration with Bouwbedrijf van Lith and AC Borst Bouw have been very pleasant during this project and have been incredibly fun. During the execution of the project, we always looked for possible improvements in the process and implementation, which has raised the quality to an increasingly higher level, especially with very satisfied residents.

Much care has been taken not only on the floor. The new façades have given the neighborhood a whole new modern and fresh look. A neighborhood where the weather is pleasant to live in, both inside and out.

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