Everything about Compofloor - The renovation floor specialist!
About us

Compofloor is the renovation flooring specialist from North Holland

Our passion is to carry out a floor renovation with minimal inconvenience to the residents. We are of course happy to do this directly for private home owners and on a project basis for housing associations or investors. We specialize in renovating floors on the ground floor.

We provide this concept throughout the Netherlands with our own team of mechanics. Unburdening by caring!

The advantages of Compofloor

Of course, let's start with the advantages of the Compofloor. The Compofloor renovation floor system is simple, durable and energy-reducing. The often uninsulated, draughty and rotten ground floor floor may be replaced by us in 1 day. Compofloor guarantees a comfortable, airtight floor system that supports you in lowering your energy bill and increasing your living comfort.

Do you want more information? Then you can use our flyer download or read a little more about the Specifications. Of course we also tell you more about the floor system on this page.

All advantages at a glance

High energy efficiency, due to high insulation values and the prevention of cold and air bridges;
Major renovation convenience high build speed (1 day per home) and very low weight (Working Conditions);
High durability, the product has a very long lifespan;
Meets all new construction standards;
Applicable in almost every home;
No waste during installation prefabrication. No concrete against the walls (dry construction method);
No constructive changes required by lightweight system (25 kg/m2);
Through the composite material a long service life is guaranteed;
The elements become in our own factory prefabricated and clicked together as “male – female” during assembly;
The floor is airtight and always applied with the correct clearance for the best end result;
Our floor makes one end On decaying and rusting floors!

The Compofloor floor system

Compofloor is a ground floor construction floor system, made of an innovative composite material. It is a simple, sustainable and energy-saving floor system that replaces your uninsulated, draughty or rotten joist layer of the ground floor in one day.

Unique Compofloor support structure

Our Compofloor anchor is characterized by the bearing sleeve at the rear of the anchor. This ensures that even in old walls the forces can be transferred to the building wall in the right ways.
The position of the anchor ensures that the vulnerable spots, of the existing beam openings of the old wooden beam layer, are avoided and the noise transmission to the neighbors is greatly reduced.
The anchor provides sufficient space (4-5 cm) for the water pipes and electrical pipes to enter the crawl space along the wall.
The composite beam that runs over the bearing anchors ensures optimum transfer of forces. This composite beam is always provided with felt pads to prevent cracking and noise pollution

The innovative Compofloor element

The compofloor element is enclosed around with a fiberglass-reinforced polyester, which prevents rusting and rotting of the element.
The hollow element is completely filled with high-quality insulation. The basic insulation value gives a total insulation value of Rc=4.38m2K/W for the entire construction of the floor. The new-build standard for floors (2020) is currently 3.5m2K/W.
The element is airtight and watertight. The airtight interconnection of the elements has been developed together with our regular partner Celdex (airtightness specialist).

Constructive top layer on the Compofloor

In our base floor we have included a further developed OSB4 plate as the top floor. OSB4 has been specially developed for heavy load-bearing structures and suitable for damp conditions
The plates are screwed perpendicular to the elements to ensure optimum coupling between the elements. This results in a collaboration between the elements and therefore a comfortable floor.
Dovetail plate, sand cement floor, anhydrite floor, cement-bonded plating etc ... is considered per situation, but is in principle possible, as long as it is constructively possible. Ask for the possibilities.

The province of North Holland and innovations

The province of Noord-Holland wants to help companies that are developing innovations that contribute to this transition. This subsidy scheme is intended for companies that are working on the development of new products, services or processes, within the themes of energy saving in the built environment, renewable resources or generation of sustainable energy and that are new to Noord-Holland.

That is why the province of North Holland has set up the North Holland Technological Environmental Innovation subsidy scheme. The scheme is partly financed by the Operational Program Opportunities for West.
Watch our video and see how 'quickly' we can replace a floor. During the recording of this video, we let it run clockwise.