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Sustainability and Compofloor

Read and learn all about the durability of the Compofloor

“Did you know that 36 football fields of forest disappear every minute? This occurs mainly in tropical forests in the South American Amazon, the African Congo Basin and Southeast Asia. Deforestation accounts for 15% of global CO2 emissions on an annual basis and thus plays a major role in climate change. In addition, 80% depends on the forest for all the animals in the world, as do millions of people who live or work in the forest.” 

In our society we produce foodstuffs and products in order to support ourselves.

In doing so, we burden our environment and exhaust the earth's natural resources.

Our goal is to keep this burden to a minimum, to use as many natural energy sources as possible and to use our resources responsibly.

We are proud to be able to carry the FSC certificate. With this we comply with the FSC standard and contribute to maintaining the Benefits From Nature.

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