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Wijnands family (Tegelen)

We like to tackle challenges at Compofloor. Compofloor also finds an innovative solution where the usual and necessary space for the floor is not available.

Due to flooding on our street several years ago, we were convinced that water had entered the crawl space and that the wooden beams of the living room floor had collapsed as a result. The old wooden floor has been removed by us and it was found that the beams were not rotting but that they had been affected by woodworm.

The house has a crawl space and a basement area. The advice was to fill the crawl space and the basement with concrete. However, that was not an option for us. So we looked for another solution where we could still keep the basement. We ended up at Compofloor. A representative of Compofloor came to check the situation in Tegelen in December and gave us good advice. At the time, he was unable to look under the room floor. This was planned on April 15, 2020 and it turned out that the space above the basement was not enough for the standard Compofloor renovation floor of 20 cm. Compofloor immediately looked for another innovative solution. The composite beams and the intermediate insulation plates are laid out in such a way that they perfectly match the standard Compofloor plates.

Compofloor was in Tegelen on April 30 at 7 am. The progress of the floor was soon visible. Placing the floor above the basement was more work than installing the standard Compofloor. Yet they were, as agreedwithin a day finished laying the floor. Professional and fast service and a very nice solid floor as a result. The day after placing the floor, we also received a positive message in our mailbox with an offer and invoice adjusted to our advantage.

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