Enschede - Compofloor

Place: Enschede

Special projects and satisfied customers make the work of the Compofloor employees extra fun. And especially in this crisis time it is extra nice to get appreciation. 

In April 2020 we have the for this house, with basement, completely replaced. Various types of underfloor heating are required on the Compofloor. Let us also advise you on this. For this house we ended up with an infrared underfloor heating. Watch and read along for the result.

After a long search and many ways to insulate the ground floor, we ended up on the Compofloor. During my conversation with the account manager I immediately felt good. He even recommended infrared underfloor heating. The reason we have chosen a Compofloor over a traditional floor is that the work in our situation was arranged in one day. Let the floor dry instead of the soaking.

We were able to proceed immediately with the application of the infrared underfloor heating Heatflow. This is a good recommendation / addition for this floor. We can recommend it to anyone who has an old wooden floor and would like to replace it, our new floor is now comfortable and well insulated.
In short, we are now warm thanks to Compofloor!
Thanks Compofloor and Perry.