Mr. van den Boogaard (Haarlem) - Compofloor

mr. Van den Boogaard

After we had bought our first home in Haarlem, we knew that a challenge would follow. During the architectural inspection, it emerged that one of the wooden beams was damaged with woodworm and was also very damp.

We immediately started to delve into different types of floors. The light floating floor from Compofloor soon became the preferred choice. Given the moist soil in our neighborhood in Haarlem an ideal solution to give the house sufficient ventilation space below and above the floor.

Before issuing the official order, an employee of Compofloor took us through the process of laying the floor. He even brought along a piece of floor as an example. This created a lot of confidence in this solution.

After removing different types of floor coverings (it is an old house, so the previous occupants had stacked quite a lot), we found that every beam was damaged by wood heat and some even needed bricks to stay upright. We were so happy that we would get a new floor.

When we had removed the beams on Saturday, Compofloor was able to switch very quickly. The anchors were placed on Wednesday, the day after we were able to ensure that all piping work was done and then the new floor was installed on Friday afternoon. In short, super good service, good quality and also a good price!

We are already busy building our dream house and despite the fact that there is no underfloor heating yet and the radio tower on the ground floor is gone, the house got warm again during the cold days. And then it is really nice to hear that handy men in the house, who were skeptical about the new floor, were very positively surprised with regard to the quality and robustness of Compofloor. In short, highly recommended!

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