120 homes (BAM Group & Eigen Haard) - Compofloor

120 homes zero-on-the-meter Gorteslootbuurt in Landsmeer, equipped with Compofloor.

Making social rental homes more sustainable into comfortable, gasless and energy-efficient NOM homes

BAM Wonen has been commissioned by the housing corporation Own fireplace a gasless neighborhood in the Gorteslootbuurt in Landsmeer. During the preservation work, 120 terraced houses from the seventies were built zero-on-the-meter (NOM). These are social rental properties located on the Violierweg, Zwanebloemweg, Riethalmweg and the Weegbreesingel.

Project details

Gorteslootbuurt Landsmeer

Renovation floor

A transformation to NOM

A transformation to NOM makes the homes in Landsmeer energy efficient and gasless. The houses become fully electric by installing solar panels, a heat pump and heat recovery installation. These installations ensure that the home generates as much energy as an average household consumes in a whole year. BAM Wonen carries out sustainability in the inhabited state. An important aspect in this renovation is the floor approach. By replacing the uninsulated floor with an airtight and high-quality floor Compofloor the cold bridge on the floor side has completely disappeared, a condition for being able to realize the NOM home

Elegant and fresh appearance

In the future, residents will not only enjoy an energy-efficient and gas-free home, but the street scene in their neighborhood will also change. New façade elements - with brick strips - have been placed around the houses and the roofs have a wider overhang. This provides a new, elegant appearance. The installations that make the houses energy efficient and gasless are placed in an energy module. What is special about this project is that the energy module is integrated into a new entrance. In addition, the bathroom, kitchen and toilet are being renewed in a number of homes.

The floor is optimally insulated, which contributes to the high comfort of the houses, even if we see little of it at first sight.

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