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Floor system

Compofloor floor system

A simple, sustainable & energy-saving floor system with which your uninsulated, draughty or rotten beam of the ground floor can be replaced in one day. We provide this concept throughout the Netherlands with our own team of technicians. Unburdening by caring! 

Compofloor floors have the following properties:

Compofloor is airtight and waterproof!
Put an end to decaying and rusting floors!

The Compofloor system stands for guaranteed quality.

Compofloor is a ground floor construction floor system, made of an innovative composite material.

The floor has been developed to simplify the construction process as much as possible. The Compofloor 100% is prefabricated in our factory, instead of in your home. This means that your choice for Compofloor guarantees minimal nuisance, minimal damage and no waste in your home after installation.