Housing corporation Portaal - Compofloor

Company: Housing corporation Portaal

We are proud of the new collaboration with housing corporation Portaal.

Under the banner of Jouw Thuis, an initiative of Portaal, the residents themselves determine how they want to improve the homes.

Compofloor plays a significant role in this process. Not only do we dismantle and install the renovation floors, but we also coordinate the other activities for optimum floor insulation with the residents.

The first floors laid

We have already installed the first floors and we would like to share the enclosed reaction of an enthusiastic resident.

For more background take a look at: https://www.jouwthuis.com/

“We are renting a house from Portaal and are renovating!
We wanted a new insulated floor! This company came to our door! Nice guys and super made! We are happy with our new floor!!! Top team that was with us! Our compliments! This is the end result!”