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Spinozaweg Utrecht

A constructional inspection revealed that a number of floor joists showed signs of rotting. As a result, I decided to replace the entire floor. Especially the fast installation time of Compofloor appealed to me because of the limited time.

The quick installation time was unfortunately canceled out because more time was spent on demolishing the floor. It turned out that several tile layers had been laid on the base floor. Although this type of demolition work falls outside the activities of Compofloor, they have nevertheless taken up this task energetically. After the demolition work turned out to be even more wrong, central heating pipes were corroded, electric cables laid in the wild and mold. Here, too, Compofloor did not turn its hand to organize the required repair expertise in the short term, after consultation. Ultimately, the space was ready to install the new floor. The new floor was installed well within a day.

In addition to the fact that Compofloor works hard and meticulously, it also appears that unburdening them is of paramount importance to them.
I am extremely satisfied with the result, the method, communication, but above all the unburdening by Compofloor!
I am very grateful.


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Spinozaweg Utrecht

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