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Renovation Hillegom, with surprises

Of course, Compofloor inspects all projects in advance to ensure that your floor is renovated in one day without surprises and with minimal inconvenience. But “luckily” we also encounter special challenges during implementation. Then we can show you that we are not your average renovation flooring company, but really one who is looking for a solution in all circumstances. And then renovation in one day is a bit optimistic: Are you watching? And read our customer's feedback.

When inspecting our new home from 1896 in Hillegom, it appeared that a number of floor beams showed signs of rot. That is why we decided to replace the entire floor. We particularly liked the fast installation time of Compofloor, because we had limited time. The current floor had no crawl space, so it is a surprise what situation you eventually find. After demolishing the old floor, it turned out that there was no place in the foundation to place the anchors. Fortunately, the men of Compofloor immediately came up with another solution: a formwork has been placed around the foundation, which has been poured with concrete. The Compofloor is now satisfactory. Performers Johan and Paul really work hard, are meticulous and solution-oriented. We are very satisfied with the result.

Niels van Beek

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