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Maas family

For this resident in Eindhoven, Compofloor not only dismantled and assembled the floor, but also carried out the Zwam remediation. "Unfortunately" we are not finished in a day, but a party that is completely unburdened. And that in two days, yes! We certainly do not want to withhold the enthusiastic review from the resident.

The wooden foundation floor of my 1950s house was completely damaged by ventilation problems and sewer leakage. Because I wanted an insulated floor and didn't want to live on drying concrete for 16 weeks, I looked for an alternative. Compofloor turned out to be a great solution! The work was completed in two days: on day 1, the old floor was demolished and fungus remediation was carried out. On day 2, ventilation grilles were made, the composite floor elements were installed and the floor was finished. Despite the rain, the mechanics got the job done quickly and with pleasure.


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