Nieuwenhuis Family (Hoofddorp) - Compofloor

Place: Hoofddorp
Name: Nieuwenhuis family

To our great shock, our wooden floor, which was renewed 3 years ago, was not resistant to wall, roof and floor insulation. The floor was rotten within 3 years. Because a wing is used intensively in the room concerned, renovation was necessary in the short term. The choice fell on Compofloor. Plenty of arguments, no concrete to pour in, so no extra moisture in the room, quick to assemble, strong enough to support a (375 kg) wing, never again to rot, quick delivery and assembly possible, etc. And, not unimportant, a deal is a deal. We would do the demolition of the old floor ourselves, in the end it took more time than installing and finishing a new floor. The engineers arrived at the agreed time, inquired about their wishes, did their leveling work very accurately and laid a new floor in no time. No waste was left behind, everything neatly cleaned up and even swept. You could almost wish that there were more wooden floors in the house.