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Making your home more sustainable

Do you want to make your home more sustainable? Read on soon!

There are various options for making your home more sustainable and these options depend on the type and year of construction of your home. For example, you can insulate your roof, so that no heat loss occurs through your roof, but you can also have your cavity wall insulated and opt for HR++ glass.

These are already great first steps and these measures make your home considerably more sustainable. You have probably experienced that, if the floor is not yet insulated, you suffer from cold feet and moisture in the house. Many people do not immediately think about making their home more sustainable floor insulation or to to replace by a durable and maintenance-free floor.

An insulated floor also makes your home more sustainable!

An insulated floor really contributes to high comfort and a low energy bill. Just think how nice it is if you have warm feet? Guaranteed that the thermostat will not go up.

An insulated floor makes your home feel more comfortable. The insulation layer keeps cold air and moisture out crawl space against and the heat in your house retains better. No slippers can compete with that! Because you lose less heat, your boiler (or heat pump) has to work less hard and your energy consumption goes down. Also good for the environment. Do you want too underfloor heating have it installed? Then you achieve with the low temperature underfloor heating an additional savings.

The savings at a glance.

You save about € 160 to € 390 per year in energy costs due to the insulation and underfloor heating, depending on the energy price you pay and the type of home. Making your home more sustainable will therefore not only provide you with a financial advantage, but it will also considerably increase the living comfort in the home. The government currently has a number of attractive ones grant conditions which makes replacing and insulating the floor even more attractive. To our information page with subsidies we will help you with the possibilities. Are you curious about the costs of a Compofloor? Then request a quote without obligation! You can first indicate your wishes and calculate the price and then easily request a quote!